My visual passion extends past photography into video. I have nearly a decade of video experience shooting, editing, color correction and post-production.

Enjoy a few examples of my most recent work. Cheers!

Watch and listen to the final game of the Cornell Invitational where the Big Red battled St. John's on Saturday, September 1, 2018.

"Still Ticking"

Enjoy this portrait of Bill Stoddard who has operated Bill's Clockworks in Flora, IN for more than 20 years with a focus on customer service and wanting to get the job done right.


"Better Than new"

Master carpenter Kerry Barnard discusses his passion for carpentry and the importance of preserving the past through restoration in this short feature.


"Staying sharp"

Bill Bales has been the owner of Quality Sharpening Service in Noblesville, IN for nearly 30 years. His quick wit and passion for his craft shine through in this business portrait.


"The Gateway"

Greg Doublestein of Front Gate LLC describes his passion for doors and what makes the entry of the home so special.


"The round house"

Bob & Ann Quinn of West Des Moines, IA found solace in building a new home-away-from-home away from the hustle and bustle of the city in rural Madison County. Their unique home was built from scratch from a grain bin! Both the inside and outside look the part - watch to learn more about this marvel of ingenuity and true Iowa spirit.


"Treetop inspiration"

The Treetop Outpost at Conner Prairie provides inspiration for your own backyard tree house! Conner Prairie's director of exhibits and the lead architect on the project discuss what you can take away from the monster 40-ft tree house and use in your own backyard.